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The laboratory was designed and created as a research and testing ground for teaching staff and students interested in exploring the educational potential of existing VR experiences or in developing and testing their own VR content. The laboratory is used during the teaching process of the Computer Science study program. Also, the equipment located in the laboratory enables the development of applications for various project tasks, scientific research and the creation of student theses in the field of video games and VR content. It is also used as the support to academic research in this field.

The Laboratory of Environmental Biochemistry as part of the Međimurje Polytechnic in Čakovec was founded in 2021. The laboratory building was renovated by revitalizing the area of ​​the former barracks, and the renovation and equipment itself was financed by the project called "Center for Sustainable Development" from the European Union within the OP "Competitiveness and Cohesion".


The purpose of the laboratory is to increase the number of applicable scientific research projects in Međimurje County, which would ensure an adequate research and development infrastructure in order to implement basic industrial research and experimental development in the field of environmental biochemistry.  The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical equipment that allows working with different types of samples, including sample preparation equipment, as well as complex sophisticated analytical instruments.

The Environmental Biochemistry Laboratory will offer basic soil analysis and soil mechanical composition for the purpose of monitoring the condition of agricultural land and testing soil fertility. This includes the determination of: pH, humus content, total nitrogen, plant-available phosphorus and potassium, hydrolytic acidity to determine the need for soil calcification, and skeletal content in skeletal soils. According to the results of the laboratory analyses, the agronomist will issue a recommendation on further treatment of the agricultural land.


The automation laboratory is another in a series of laboratories located in the Centre for Sustainable Development. The laboratory is intended for students and teachers who conduct classes and various kinds of research in the field of automation of industrial processes. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows students to develop applications intended for controlling industrial machines using PLCs and Arduino circuits. Students in the laboratory can develop applications for IoT (Internet of Things) and device management via the Internet. Students are enabled to create final papers in the domain of automation and IoT.

SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION LABORATORY The Laboratory of Sustainable Construction is a research laboratory that has focused its activities on supporting the construction of buildings with energy efficiency. Students are enabled to use the professional knowledge of the teacher to design residential buildings using the computer, to research contents related to sustainable construction and to create their final works from this domain. The laboratory is equipped with programs and computers for designing and running simulations. It represents a centre for various kinds of research and field teaching that is carried out during the educational process.

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