Research and Development

In addition to teaching, scientific - research work represents the fundamental determinant of our activity and mission. The scientific activities of our employees are carried out at our institution, laboratories and as part of various scientific projects. Involved in cooperation with other scientists and institutions in the country and abroad, we make our modest contribution to the scientific community.
In recent years, we have seen a constant increase in published scientific papers, published in various scientific journals. We are organizers of scientific conferences at the national level. Furthermore, every year our institution organizes an international conference where experts from various international faculties and our employees publish their scientific works independently or in collaboration with our students. One of our main goals in research work is to enable the transfer of knowledge and scientific results to the economic sector, and to participate in their application. In this way, scientific research gets its full meaning.
Various research projects are also the basis for involving students in scientific work, primarily through the creation and joint publication of students’ final papers, which enables students to deepen their interdisciplinary knowledge and acquire practical skills and work methodology in the scientific field. Through the ERASMUS program, international cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experience are encouraged, both for employees and students of our university. For the purposes of scientific research, the polytechnic launched the scientific journal "Croatian Regional Development Journal".

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